ISD Investigations

Veri-site has the skill set and resources to address piracy enabled via 'Illicit Streaming Devices' or 'ISDs'. These are set-top boxes used with smart TVs that are configured with software that enables consumers to stream audiovisual content from an illegal streaming server. Payment for enabling such access is usually included in the purchase price of such boxes, or, less frequently, through "subscription" services. Because these set-top boxes are cheap, easy-to-use 'plug-in' devices, and because they offer a wide range of pirated content while being easily available (both online and in the physical world), their utilization has risen steeply in many countries in recent years. Veri-site's investigative efforts in this area typically focus on probing the system architecture that enables content theft through ISDs to take place.

For more information on ISDs, download "Piracy 3.0 , Illicit Streaming Devices (ISDs) are adversely impacting cable and OTT business" co-authored by SIPI-Verisite's founder, Mr. Bharat Dube, and SIPI-Verisite's CEO, Mr. Bharat Kapoor and published in Casbaa's (The Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia) 2018 book.